Free Shipping on orders over 100AED

Cash on delivery

7500+ Goods

Shipping and payment

24palm.com offers you free shipment and delivery for orders above 100 AED inside UAE! For orders under 100 AED, shipping cost will be 25 AED only. delivery time is 0-2 working days. 

24palm online store is a place wherein you will find all the things needed in our everyday life and more. A selection of all the things offered here is really big: from technical appliances to toys for children.

Here you will get wide choice of goods, great sure-handed service, and competitive price levels. Please pay much attention to our special offers and proposals as for purchasing home appliances and other commodities.

We provide free shipping around the UAE. You just have to select a good you need, choose payment option, inquire about the terms of delivery, complete your order… and wait for the items.

Our customers can pay with the Visas, which makes the whole process convenient and fast. Though, we are aware that there are many clients who would still like to pay in cash. We could offer this opportunity to you as well. YOU CAN PROVIDE PAYMENT FOR THE GOODS WITH CASH RIGHT ON THEIR RECEIPT. We fully understand: you will feel more confident if you part with your funds only after seeing the items you have ordered.

Order here, enjoy the purchase, we are delighted to help you!

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